Friday, May 28, 2010


With a growing awareness in the honey bee and pollinator population and their recent decline- we have been called to ask questions about how our current way of living is impacting all living beings. We ask if cell phones or genetically modified organisms or mono-cropping are to blame for the disappearance of these magical and vital creatures? But, the evidence has been inconclusive. My opinion is that it is the asking of the questions that is most important and not the answers. That fact that we have to ask these questions says something HUGE about the way we are living. How would these things not effect us all? How could they not influence all health and well-being?

The same can be asked for us-- how is our culture of fast paced, toxic and oversized, mass produced living affecting our our own health and vitality? Our own bodies? How is it creating its own sickness? The question "what is true health and wellness?" leads us to look outside of ourselves and question that around us. My interest in the bees-- is my own question and also my own reminder of what is true health: to savor the sweet, the beautiful, and the profound. It is my own path to well being.


  1. Nope. Not just you. They truly are so so so so so beautiful and worthy of a showing. This info needs to be shared with the world! It would be a disservice not to!

  2. perfect kick in the pants i needed.
    much love.

  3. what a great with it- YOur photos are amazing!

  4. Hi Laurel
    I know how incredibly difficult it is to get such beautiful closeups of bees so I believe that your images are worthy of framing and trying to market. I love the idea that you have!

  5. just dropped by to see if you had posted anything new "recently", and I must say that the pictures are gorgeous and most definitely worthy of sharing with the world! Hope you're well, dear one. Love you.