Thursday, March 4, 2010

a little sunshine in winter

i have this incredible love and appreciation of seeing plants in all their forms and incarnations. I especially feel a tenderness in putting plants to rest in my garden at the end of their growing season. The perennials, I can trust with great faith and respect, will come back around, after their time of deep slumber and darkness. and the annuals, i ceremoniously compost, sometimes with sadness and longing in my heart, but knowing that they will shift, morph and tranform into some dank richness, something to build from, wisdom and knowing, rooted in possibility . i love what plants teach us. god, how many metaphors could i make here?

i feel so blessed to have such beautiful teachers. when i am quiet enough, i hear their voice within me.

i took this picture of burdock, in a field near my house on a dreary day last week. i was struck by how radiant it felt-- a little expansive ray of light- beauty to behold in our own dark season.

plus, i've been too busy with school-work to be a blog-star, so i thought i'd tide you over with a visual.

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